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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  In accordance to our new year’s resolution (make some damn films!), Austin and I immediately got to work.

We just wrapped our first film shoot of 2011!  This weekend we shot a short zombie film called UPSTAIRS starring Kimberly Gilbert and Jenna Horton.  It’s the first in a series of 5 short films that we aim to shoot throughout the spring.  We shot it on the Red camera, lit it with one Kino Flo and a few tiny Lowell Pros, and recorded audio on my wicked sweet Sound Device recorder.  Our Zombies were fantastic sports who didn’t mind copious amounts of blood dripping off their various limbs and lips, while our actresses did a fantastic job recoiling in fear over the ominous footsteps of our felines.

Overall? It was a fabulous success!  We can’t wait to start cutting. With any luck we’ll have it completed in time to submit to the Rooftop Film Festival in Brooklyn.

Three cheers to our cast and crew!

Here’s to a productive and prolific 2011. Next up? Feature profiles of the PA Ballet principal dancers.


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I am a big fan of our iPad, and I’m an even bigger fan of robots, so when I came across this video on how ipads can create little monsters and robots using stop motion – I was hooked. This is a magical little film. Enjoy.

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We’re proud to announce that Lurking in the Trees, the Beetle Documentary that Emily worked on last summer,  has just won the El Capitan Film Award at the 2010 Yosemite Film Festival!

The documentary has also been selected to be shown at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. It screens Friday, November 5th in Golden, Colorado.  Drop us a note if you can make it!

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We spent Wednesday shooting the Teacher Institute Luncheon for the Harlem Village Academies in NYC.

We had a great time capturing the teachers perform their sketches and brainstorm ideas for the coming school year.   It’s exciting to know such progressive and inspiring teachers are out there!

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