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The Captain

Jason Sharp (The Captain) - a still image of the footage from my computer

We spent some time in Seattle recently where we had the opportunity to shoot three superhero short films.  It was a blast working with Jaime Roberts and her cast from Alecto.   In fact, we were even able to shoot the films in Seattle famous BUCKEROO Tavern just days before it was closed forever.

Austin on location for the Hero Project - photo by Regan MacStravic

Austin shot the films on our fabulous RED camera, primarily using natural daylight, but supplementing with Kino Flo 4x4s whenever necessary.  I used my gorgeous Schoeps MK41 Supercardioid microphone to capture the audio, which worked marvelously.

Emily, Austin, & director Jaime Roberts at the Buckeroo - photo by Regan MacStravic

I will begin editing the shorts in mid-October and hope to have them ready to post here by the end of November. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time playing around with the footage. Stay tuned to see the final edit!


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