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Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call New Orleans –

The easiest fiction film of Werner Herzog’s to follow. It’s not even close.

It’s also one of the most fun. Nic Cage (who seems to be in a race with Samuel L. Jackson to overtake Michael Caine as the most distinguished actor with a horrid resume) is positively operatic as the titular Bad Lieutenant. I don’t think that his mania is restrained from other Cage films, but it has a context of crazy – between Iguana-Cam and the Break-Dancing-Soul, it’s not as if he’s placing anything greater than 3rd.

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Castle (Season 2, Episode 22-22) & Bones (Season 5, Various Episodes) – 

It strikes me that both of these show have male protagonists that would willingly and happily be involved with their female counterparts, but the women for various reasons choose not to be with them.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with that. But these shows are designed around their leads eventually getting together. Why does it take so long? Is it a fear by the writers and show runners that if these characters consummated their respective relationships, the show would end? Last time I checked, marriage didn’t end lives. (That is unless you actively don’t like the person you’re married too.)

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Justified (Season 1, Episodes 3-5) –

Busy work. It carries such a negative connotation in most circumstances, but not in acting. You ever watch an actor performing and think to yourself, ‘Man he’s good, but there’s something wrong.’

I bet you its because they’re just standing there, not interacting with the world.

‘Fixer’, the 3rd episode of the season, is an excellent example of good busy work. Three scenes in particular:

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What we’re watching this week:

Justified (Season 1, Episodes 1&2)

As previously written, I love Timothy Olyphant. Absolutely love him. And this show has done nothing to change my view on him. I think I like him here more than in Deadwood, not the show mind you, but him. (He has more to do here than in Deadwood.)

Justified just hasn’t seemed to hit its stride yet. It’s still drawing its characters, which is fine by me. It reminds me a lot of Sons of Anarchy, it seems to be using the first season to find its way. Or its just waiting for Walton Goggins’ character to get healthy enough to start some shit. Can’t tell which.

Party Down (Season 1, Episodes 1-3)

I think that when I have children, and if they decide to become actors, I will think of this show and pray this isn’t what they do for a day job. The disillusionment that these characters suffer from, while either chasing impossible dreams or giving up on said dreams, is unfathomable.

In Party Down, though, that disillusionment is why these characters are funny. They seem resigned, as if they all know they’re going nowhere (except Ken Marino, wich makes him infinitely more depressing), but that isn’t stopping them from trying. They’re misguided attempts at success are fantastic. They’re infighting is great. The burning American flag is also very fitting. (It makes sense if you see it.)

Thank god this is a comedy, cause this show would be unwatchable otherwise.

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Breaking Bad (Season 2, Episode 1-7) –

It’s a very good show with almost no likable characters. Seven episodes into the Season 2, and I’m having a hard time wanting to continue. As a rule, I try to only spend time with shows/characters that I can imagine spending the same amount of time talking to in real life. I’m trying to be flexible with this show. Trying hard, really hard.

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In March, we were kept busy by working on two project for The Century Council. The first was a PSA featuring 12-Time Olympic Medalist Dara Torres and 24 State Attorney Generals.

The spots were shot on the RED over a 10 hour period in the beginning of March. Watch one example below:

Not to be idle, we followed up this shoot with a PSA with the Washington Freedom, DC’s Female Professional Soccer Team. The spot featured Abby Wombach, Sarah Huffman, Jill Gilbeau, and Becky Sauerbrunn.

That spot can be seen:

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Doctor Who (created by Russell T. Davies) –

It’s good to have the Doctor.

And while, as of yet, I’ve never seen an episode of the first incarnation of the good Doctor (1963-1989), I must say that I truly enjoy Christopher Eccleston‘s portrayal of the Doctor. There’s a certain mania that he gives the role, where the feeling of loss and time are weight against the perseverance. It’s also refreshing to see Eccleston in this role, as he has had his share of playing the baddies, and heavies. (28 Days Later, Shallow Grave)

What is somewhat fascinating, is that this show that could be weight down by moralizing (it has its share) and romanticizing (covered there as well), is not. It’s fun.

(Any show that deals with time travel, and changing the coarse of history, could easily devolve into a pulpit show. Something I fear an American remake of this show would latch onto.)

And that’s, in greater part, due to Eccleston. It’s a mad show, he’s mad in it. But it’s not hands in the air, flailing around sort of mad. It’s an intense, intelligent, don’t-look-back-’cause-something-might-be-behind-you sort of mad.

(I will miss him, now that he’s gone.)

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