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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  In accordance to our new year’s resolution (make some damn films!), Austin and I immediately got to work.

We just wrapped our first film shoot of 2011!  This weekend we shot a short zombie film called UPSTAIRS starring Kimberly Gilbert and Jenna Horton.  It’s the first in a series of 5 short films that we aim to shoot throughout the spring.  We shot it on the Red camera, lit it with one Kino Flo and a few tiny Lowell Pros, and recorded audio on my wicked sweet Sound Device recorder.  Our Zombies were fantastic sports who didn’t mind copious amounts of blood dripping off their various limbs and lips, while our actresses did a fantastic job recoiling in fear over the ominous footsteps of our felines.

Overall? It was a fabulous success!  We can’t wait to start cutting. With any luck we’ll have it completed in time to submit to the Rooftop Film Festival in Brooklyn.

Three cheers to our cast and crew!

Here’s to a productive and prolific 2011. Next up? Feature profiles of the PA Ballet principal dancers.


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Here is our latest reel of work we have both shot and edited! Enjoy!


The Captain

Jason Sharp (The Captain) - a still image of the footage from my computer

We spent some time in Seattle recently where we had the opportunity to shoot three superhero short films.  It was a blast working with Jaime Roberts and her cast from Alecto.   In fact, we were even able to shoot the films in Seattle famous BUCKEROO Tavern just days before it was closed forever.

Austin on location for the Hero Project - photo by Regan MacStravic

Austin shot the films on our fabulous RED camera, primarily using natural daylight, but supplementing with Kino Flo 4x4s whenever necessary.  I used my gorgeous Schoeps MK41 Supercardioid microphone to capture the audio, which worked marvelously.

Emily, Austin, & director Jaime Roberts at the Buckeroo - photo by Regan MacStravic

I will begin editing the shorts in mid-October and hope to have them ready to post here by the end of November. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time playing around with the footage. Stay tuned to see the final edit!

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We spent the weekend filming the very last performances of ‘Disinformation’, a unique theatre experience, at the ICA in Boston.

We were joined by the incredible Reggie Watts, Tommy Smith, Amy ONeal, and Orianna Herrman.

Look for pieces from our edit of ‘Disinformation’ here, later this year.

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And for all of you iPhone & iPad users:

As we enter the second month of the new decade, let’s take a quick look over what Born Lucky been up to in its early days.

We begin 2010 in NYC on another shoot for Cause & {Effect}, working on Black History Month spots for Nickelodeon.

See the spots here: (1 -10 are spots we shot on Sony EX-1 and EX-3, 11-13 were shot on our RED camera, by the talented Steven Huber.)

From there we endeavored on our first stop motion film; ‘Frosty goes on Holiday’. Shot in one evening, the film was a test of some of the new features, at least to Emily and I, of the RED.


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Last week, we spend time working in and around NYC for Cause & {Effect} on a shoot for Nickelodeon. The shoot consisted of Emily & I, Michelle Cuccuini (our wonderful producer) and the rest of the crew, going to three differing households and capturing the days of the families there.

The idea: to show how the mother of the family is the glue. That without her, families would have a hard time functioning. (And since the families we shot included husbands that we’re out of work, worked 14 hour days, and we non-entities, this couldn’t have been truer.)

The filming was conducted on a Panasonic HPX2000, which I had the pleasure of learning on at National Geographic during the time I spent on GeoSessions. We mixed the audio on our Sound Devices 4 Channel Mixer. And since this shoot was a run and gun operation, we fed the audio directly to the camera.

It was a wonderful shoot. All the families, and crew, were a pleasure to be around.

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‘In the Beginning’ by K’naan

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