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I spent the last two weeks editing in both NYC for Cause & Effect, and in Washington DC for Hamburger Company.   It was a blast working at both studios, but a few of my top moments had to be Martin and Kelly’s one liners such as, “Beans are good for your vagina.”  We had a hearty snowfall on my third day in NYC but the subways kept running so my secret plan to watch bad TV all day with my little sister was foiled!  On my last day in Brooklyn, Annie and I scored some sweet yarn and giant needles and I have been knitting ever since.  In DC, my older sister Monica, took me to my first spin class which left my butt sore for days. Totally worth it, though. And I didn’t barf, so that was exciting.  As for work related projects, Austin and I are editing our Zombie film; we are prepping to shoot the PA Ballet; and a shoot in Palm Springs is on our radar for the Century Council! Overall? I really liked January.

I’m going back to my zombies now while the snow falls outside the windows of One Shot Cafe where I am snuggled up and cozy in my giant scarf that I just made.  2011 is going to kick butt.


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A fantastic blog on interior and graphic design.  Check it out here.

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It doesn’t get any better than a good old fashioned bouncing monster.

I really dig the work of Delphine Durand. Do you have any favorite illustrators?


There is no doubt about it. The graphics artists of the Girl Effect videos are brilliant.  First, I fully support and appreciate their message.  Second, their use of text and movement is unparalleled, as far as I’m concerned.  Now go save some girls.

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I am a big fan of our iPad, and I’m an even bigger fan of robots, so when I came across this video on how ipads can create little monsters and robots using stop motion – I was hooked. This is a magical little film. Enjoy.

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