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Whip It –

Whip It is classic Sunday afternoon fare – it entertains, but you end up wishing for something more.

Being the first venture into directing, Drew Barrymore should be commended for making a film that with pace and is enertaining, even if it’s not always successful.

The film’s strengths are the scenes with the Roller Girls and their camaraderie, but not the scenes involving the actual game. Whip It is as faithful an  account of Roller Derby as Caddyshack is about golf, not that that’s either of these film’s point, but its misleading to think that this is an accurate representation of the game.

The film is about finding yourself and being true to that, and that it does well.

It’s major flaws it trying to do too much in 2 hours. The subplot with the boyfriend is dispensable, and seems to only exist to show that Ellen Page, our hero, is not a lesbian. Some of the parent/kid relationship is a little righteous kid heavy. (Am I the only one who thinks parents might be right sometimes? Sure they can be wrong, but might they be able to get their point across to the child sometimes without sounding like an uncaring ogre?)

But the actors are having fun. Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern are very good, Harden especially has the talent to make one dimensional characters feel much much more like humans than should be reasonably expected. Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, Zoe Bell, Alia Shawkat, Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore round out the cast.

Really, if you want to see this film, you’ll see it. And you’ll enjoy it as much as you think you will.


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