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Blue Steel –

An early Kathryn Bigelow film that show’s so much promise in its first act that it’s an incredible shame that last act devolves into unbelievable cat and mouse farce. Yet, even in the face of this ludicrous final act, the performers, namely Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silver, are remarkably unscathed.

The story centers around a rookie cop (Curtis) shooting a robbery suspect in the middle of his robbery. When the gun she claimed he had isn’t found. (Ron Silver stole it.) She’s immediately suspended, because remarkably no witness to the crime remembers the gun, no, not even the check-out clerk who had the gun in his face.

This strange oversight on the script’s behalf only serves as a signal for inconsistencies later on within the world of the film. Some of these problems seem to help the film more than hurt the film, but overall script seems to be needing another draft.

Ron Silver is great in this over the top role. His lunacy deserved a better film. If not for his untimely passing, I could see him showing up on show like 30 Rock or Better off Ted stealing scenes from his co-stars.


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