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Born Lucky Studios

a boutique video production and post-production studio


April started off as a month of finishing projects. Early April, we finished up a final rough of comedian Reggie Watts and playwright Tommy Smith’s Disinformation. (In fact, their follow up project Transition will be playing in NYC this fall.)

We also finished up the last remnants of the Century Council’s Attorney General and Dara Torres PSA.

Speaking of The Century Council, we also traveled to DC to film their Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Capitol Hill Event. The event featured TCC’s kids fitness game, as well as athletes Apollo Ono, Dara Torres and Soccer Players from the Washington Freedom and DC United.

In the middle of April, we filmed for, a website/internet project dedicated to educating and informing the public on the different doctors and their respective operations in the greater Washington DC area.


May found us traveling to NYC to film at the Harlem Village Academy, a charter school in Harlem that, frankly, puts the intensity my education to shame. The teachers at HVA need to be commended on their tireless work ethic, observing them in this setting succeeded in making me wish to find a school with teachers this motivated for my children, when we have them.

We filmed and recorded sound in different classes as the students were taught, as well as filmed interviews with teachers and students at the school.

Finally, we went to DelFest, a bluegrass festival in Cumberland, Maryland. Emily shot some footage of the concert, and hopefully we might shoot something more substantial for the festival next year. (Fingers crossed.)



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