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Panic on the Streets

Not a must see. But an enjoyable volume in the tome of Richard Widmark. For the ultimate in Widmark, watch Pickup on South Street, it really is the best.

Historically, its hard to watch a film by Elia Kazan without thinking about his HUAC Testimony. Fair or not, there it is. (In fact, it’s not fair with this film, as the HUAC Testimony was still ahead of Kazan.) A lot of times, when his characters are speechifying, it feels like him justifying his actions. (If an argument for autuership needed to be made, this commonality could be the starting place.)

But there is something very recommendable about this film. For the most part, the film doesn’t seem too interest in the actual plot. It goes through the motions, but its heart doesn’t seem there. The heart does seem to be in the little pedestrian scenes between Widmark’s character and his wife. These scenes are fantastic, and a nice prelude to the greatness in Kazan later films.


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