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Sherlock Holmes –

So disappointed by this film. I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams, but the lack of sheer Sherlock Holmes-iness is overwhelming. Meaning, I don’t think I should be as smart as Sherlock.

And Guy Ritchie’s artistic vision is so first level thinking.

Example: Ritchie sets up the motif of Holmes thinking through the fight before he engages the fight. The premise, while not bad per se, has little in regards of return investment for the viewer. It doesn’t evolve. The motif should be on display to show Holmes superior intellect and, in the re-imagining, superior physical abilities. But we don’t see him problem solve with this skill when times require it.

Or, how about showing Holmes thinking through situations where this skill is demanded so that the audience sees him doing it, and has to catch up with him? But no, that isn’t what this film is interested in doing. And thus, the film is disappointing.

Last note: Don’t say that intelligence has no place in action films. Just look at the gross from The Dark Knight.

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