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Justified (Season 1, Episodes 3-5) –

Busy work. It carries such a negative connotation in most circumstances, but not in acting. You ever watch an actor performing and think to yourself, ‘Man he’s good, but there’s something wrong.’

I bet you its because they’re just standing there, not interacting with the world.

‘Fixer’, the 3rd episode of the season, is an excellent example of good busy work. Three scenes in particular:

  1. Timothy Olyphant and David Eigenberg (Steve from ‘Sex and the City’), sitting in a restaurant. Watch Olyphant’s reaction when Eigenberg says ‘shit’.
  2. Olyphant searches for his hat in the office, while chatting with his co-workers.
  3. Olyphant and Jacob Pitts chatting about ‘The Black Mr. Clean’. The scene is essentially a misdirection. They’re chatting about a character, but the scene is about the bulletproof vest.

The point is, a lot happens outside of the dialogue. Which is how the show is able to keep nuanced busy work not tedious. It’s something this show seems to be building on, and it adds to the textual and re-watchability of the show.

Also, Eigenberg is amazing in this episode. Here’s hoping they bring him back!

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