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Angel (Season 1, Episodes 2-15) –

Again, it’s not afraid to kill of characters. And what’s more, the show gives each characters death weight. Doyle’s death (Episode 9) comes not so much as a surprise, but as a sad, well done, payoff to a character arc. An arc that leaves behind an impression. It’s nice that his death isn’t glossed over in the next few episodes, but his presence is still felt in the gang.

The episode in which Doyle dies also uses a technique I love. We witness the same event twice, but the second time it’s cathartic. It’s a tough thing to pull off, and here it pays off nicely.

Two other things about ‘Angel’:

  1. 10 years on from its first showing, the show is more of a TNT 5pm-type-show tha an appointment TV-type-show.
  2. In episode 13, Angel (David Boreanaz) dances. It’s fantastic. I could watch that all day.

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