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What we’re watching this week:

Justified (Season 1, Episodes 1&2)

As previously written, I love Timothy Olyphant. Absolutely love him. And this show has done nothing to change my view on him. I think I like him here more than in Deadwood, not the show mind you, but him. (He has more to do here than in Deadwood.)

Justified just hasn’t seemed to hit its stride yet. It’s still drawing its characters, which is fine by me. It reminds me a lot of Sons of Anarchy, it seems to be using the first season to find its way. Or its just waiting for Walton Goggins’ character to get healthy enough to start some shit. Can’t tell which.

Party Down (Season 1, Episodes 1-3)

I think that when I have children, and if they decide to become actors, I will think of this show and pray this isn’t what they do for a day job. The disillusionment that these characters suffer from, while either chasing impossible dreams or giving up on said dreams, is unfathomable.

In Party Down, though, that disillusionment is why these characters are funny. They seem resigned, as if they all know they’re going nowhere (except Ken Marino, wich makes him infinitely more depressing), but that isn’t stopping them from trying. They’re misguided attempts at success are fantastic. They’re infighting is great. The burning American flag is also very fitting. (It makes sense if you see it.)

Thank god this is a comedy, cause this show would be unwatchable otherwise.

Angel (Season 1, Episode 1)

Joss Whedon fan through and through. (That’s out of the way then.) It’s nice to come back to the beginning of Angel, a series that I’ve really only watched in passing, on TNT. The first episode has dated, and the vampire make-up is still … well not to my liking, but Whedon does here what Whedon does best – Kill characters who you don’t expect to die. The beginning of this series is sort of paint by numbers save two really nice scenes: 1) The killing of one of the characters, and 2) Cordelia’s realization that she’s in the presence of a vampire. I look forward to continuing with this show.

Gilmore Girls (Season 1, Episodes 1-8)

This show angers me. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just hard. The mother-daughter (Lorelai-Emily) relationship is so irreconcilable that it I can’t watch too much of the show at anytime.

But it is good.

One of the things that brings me back to the show, is everyone seems to be having such a great time performing in it. I don’t know if I can express it in words, but there is a joy that seems to come from the actors when they speak. (Not uncommon with the joy I’m sure I hear from the actors blessed enough to speak David Mamet’s dialogue.) They love speaking they’re dialogue, but they don’t make it precious. (Granted, there is so much of it, they don’t have time too.) They let the dialogue do a lot of the work. They should, it’s really that good.

And this show has too much in common with Castle and Bones for me to not to like it. (Unrequited love, mostly.)

An Education

For all of the attention that Carey Mulligan gets for her performance in An Education, which is deserved, equal if not greater attention should be given to her co-stars. An Education is about what we learn when we’re not in school. And if it weren’t for the really strong supporting cast (I’m looking at you Rosemund Pike, Peter Skarsgard, Alfred Molina, Emma Thompson and Olivia Williams) there truly wouldn’t have been as much value in the extracurricular experiences. That is to say, if these characters weren’t as well drawn or well performed, we probably would have thought that the Carey Mulligan character’s education would have been quite shit.


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