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Doctor Who (created by Russell T. Davies) –

It’s good to have the Doctor.

And while, as of yet, I’ve never seen an episode of the first incarnation of the good Doctor (1963-1989), I must say that I truly enjoy Christopher Eccleston‘s portrayal of the Doctor. There’s a certain mania that he gives the role, where the feeling of loss and time are weight against the perseverance. It’s also refreshing to see Eccleston in this role, as he has had his share of playing the baddies, and heavies. (28 Days Later, Shallow Grave)

What is somewhat fascinating, is that this show that could be weight down by moralizing (it has its share) and romanticizing (covered there as well), is not. It’s fun.

(Any show that deals with time travel, and changing the coarse of history, could easily devolve into a pulpit show. Something I fear an American remake of this show would latch onto.)

And that’s, in greater part, due to Eccleston. It’s a mad show, he’s mad in it. But it’s not hands in the air, flailing around sort of mad. It’s an intense, intelligent, don’t-look-back-’cause-something-might-be-behind-you sort of mad.

(I will miss him, now that he’s gone.)

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