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Thirst (dir. Chan-wook Park)

Thirst is a film about desire and the complications that arise from unchecked desire, and for the most part the film is successful. Park, who has made Oldboy and Sympanthy for Lady Vengeance, is no doubt a talented director who has a flair for beautiful images, both set-up and surprising.  (Examples: The long fight sequence in Oldboy and the Speed Bag head in Thirst.)

That said, I always feel there’s something missing. There is a confidence in his story telling that is both enthralling and disappointing. Enthralling because he demands that the audience keeps up with him. Disappointing because he demands that the audience takes leaps of faith that are sometimes to large.

Park’s films subsequently feel a little incomplete. I will continue to watch his films eagerly waiting the complete film that I know is in him.

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