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Last week, we spend time working in and around NYC for Cause & {Effect} on a shoot for Nickelodeon. The shoot consisted of Emily & I, Michelle Cuccuini (our wonderful producer) and the rest of the crew, going to three differing households and capturing the days of the families there.

The idea: to show how the mother of the family is the glue. That without her, families would have a hard time functioning. (And since the families we shot included husbands that we’re out of work, worked 14 hour days, and we non-entities, this couldn’t have been truer.)

The filming was conducted on a Panasonic HPX2000, which I had the pleasure of learning on at National Geographic during the time I spent on GeoSessions. We mixed the audio on our Sound Devices 4 Channel Mixer. And since this shoot was a run and gun operation, we fed the audio directly to the camera.

It was a wonderful shoot. All the families, and crew, were a pleasure to be around.

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